Dog-On Fitness!

As Published in the Okotoks Wheel (Week of April 5th, 2010)

I am very pleased to announce that we are now registering participants for the first canine fitness program of it’s kind in Okotoks; Dog-On Fitness! Dog-On Fitness is an 8 week course designed to excite pet guardians about the role of nutrition, fitness and preventive health in the wellness of their canine companions. Dogs of all shapes, abilities and sizes are welcome to attend the class. Dogs with medical conditions, or very overweight dogs need to be cleared by their regular vet before attending the class.

Classes will incorporate a weekly training circuit of exercises that may be performed at home, and short educational sessions tailored to the needs of that particular class. Examples of exercises include strengthening exercises such as “squats”, “pup-steps”, and balance exercises like “tilt the pooch”. Pet guardians will also learn various ways to incorporate activity into their’s and their pets lives in a way that is safe, meaningful and fun.

Some other neat things you will learn during the course:

~ How to select a dog food from a holistic perspective
~ How to select exercises to offset the effects of arthritis
~ How to read a dog-food label (what is meaningful?)
~ Is obesity a real problem in our companion animals?
~ Core training for dogs? Does it exist? [you betcha!]

Space is limited, so reserve your space now! I look forward to helping you and your dog achieve some realistic goals to help improve your pet’s quality of life, and your interaction with your pet!