FitPAWS Giant Rocker Board

Great demonstration on using the giant rocker board. Instability is only a rocking motion – front to back or side to side. The 36″ wobble board is more challenging, offering 360 degrees of challenge. Rocker boards are great for all dogs:

Puppies = to increase body awareness, and begin developing a bit of core strength (just go easy, keep it fun and don’t overdo it).

Adults – all adult dogs regardless of their sport or activity level to work their core muscles, develop limb strength (front and hind).

Seniors – core and hind/fore limb muscle strength, and to challenge their balance a little (helps to prevent slip and fall injuries since senior dogs tend to lose a little of their balance and sense of body awareness as they age, and the risk of falls can put them at risk of spinal, peripheral joint or soft tissue injury).

As with any exercise, ensure you check with your rehabilitation therapist or veterinarian before starting any program, to ensure it is safe for your dog. Also take time with the equipment and follow all safety precautions for safe use, and most of all Keep It Fun!!

Visit FitPAWS Usa for more information on their products (a favourite of many rehab professionals).


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